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Roger Parson's recommendations: Best Sweet Peas for Cut Flowers

The custodian of the National Collection of Lathyrus species for 27 years, and awarded the Henry Eckford Gold Memorial Medal, if there is something Roger Parsons doesn't know about sweet peas then quite truly, it's not worth knowing.

We were so, so honoured that the man, the myth, the legend that is Mr Parsons was willing to join us for season 1 of our show. Sweet peas are such an incredible bouquet addition, adding flounce and fragrance to a boring bunch - the are a much, much needed addition to a cut flower patch. And anyone hoping to start growing their own fresh, seasonal cut flowers should be adding Roger Parsons seeds - no questions asked! To hear Rogers dulcet tones lull you through the basics of growing incredible you will have to listen to his episode, but I thought it would be nice to list his favourite varieties and share some glorious photos.

Alison Louise (named after his wife)

Nicole and I have both ordered several of these varieties since we chatted to Roger. I am incredibly excited to double my sweet peas next year and it will be filled mostly with Roger's favourites for cut flowers. Here's to a summer filled with sweet scented blooms!

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